How to Fix Roller Shutters: A Comprehensive Guide

For residential and commercial spaces, roller shutters work like great security measures against break-ins, vandalism, and any destruction caused by severe weather. However, it is essential to protect roller shutters from wear and tear that occurs with time, as it can help you save on roller shutter service costs and keep your property protected for years. This comprehensive guide covers everything that will help you dig deeper into common roller shutter problems, causes of shutters’ failure, and how to maintain and repair roller shutters. Read on to learn how to fix roller shutters. First off, have a look at: 

What causes roller shutter failure?

Before diving deep into the factors that cause roller shutter failure, we must first understand the basic mechanisms behind them. A roller shutter consists of multiple slats that are hinged together. These slats are responsible for a shutter’s roller-up and down mechanism along the tracks on either side of windows or doors. Whether you have manually-operated or electronically-operated roller shutters installed in your space, you must understand if these shutters’ easy-to-use design hides their complex functionality. 

A manual roller shutter needs humans’ physical efforts to raise and lower using a pulley or winding-oriented mechanism. On the other hand, an electric roller shutter simply works based on a push; powered by a motor, and requires only a simple click from a button. Both of these types of shutters have their potential risks of failure. 

For example, worn-out gears in manually operated shutters and electrical-related issues in electric shutters. Moreover, the malfunction of the main parts of a roller shutter is responsible for their entire system failures, such as the curtain, the guide rails, the barrel assembly, and the operating system (electrical or physical effort) on which a manual or electrical system works. Only regular repair or maintenance of roller shutters can prevent such failures. 

Here is a brief overview of the common causes of a roller shutter’s failure:

Obstructions in the Guide Rails

If anything like dirt, debris, or even small things get stuck in the tracks of a shutter, it prevents the curtain from moving up or down smoothly. This obstruction in the guide rails can be prevented if cleaning or inspection is performed regularly. However, if there is a need to disassemble any part of the shutter to remove such obstructions, in that case, you should consult professionals who deal with roller shutter repair in Melbourne to avoid any further damage.  

Wear and Tear of Parts

Using roller shutters regularly and exposing their components to the elements can result in worn-out slats, damaged guide rails, or motor failure. However, if you replace such parts within the time frame with the help of professional roller shutter installation services, you can save both time and money. 

Electrical Faults

If you have an electrical shutter installed at your place, electrical faults are the common causes of any failure. These issues generally include a blown fuse, a dysfunctional motor, tripped circuit breaker, a failed control system, etc. Therefore, an electrical inspection is required by a skilled roller shutter expert who can examine the wiring and connections to identify the issue and fix it.  

Due to these aforementioned causes, some common roller shutter problems may arise. Therefore, you should also understand such issues when repairing or fixing roller shutters. Let’s have a look:

Understanding Common Roller Shutter Problems

Sticking or Stuck Issue During Open/Close:

If your roller shutter gets stuck or jammed while opening or closing, or you require extra force to open or close it completely, it may be due to a lubrication issue. To fix this issue, simply sprinkle a spray like WD-40 into your shutter’s rails, as it will not only remove the lubrication problem but also resolve screeching sounds, coming from your shutters while opening or closing them. 

Damaged or worn-out springs:

As time passes, some parts of your roller shutter may get worn out or damaged, such as broken slats, worn-out winder boxes, broken roller blind chains, damaged roller door locks, de-rail roller shutter straps, etc. Due to these damaged components of your shutter, your shutter stops working. Moreover, your shutter’s spring may get damaged due to wear and tear,  improper adjustment of tension (too tight or too loose), spring fatigue, etc. Thus, a regular inspection by a professional team that is an expert in the restoration of roller shutters and related issues – is a must. 

Not Opening or Not Closing:

It is the most common problem with electric roller shutters. You click on the button or try to forcefully roll it down manually, but it does not open or close. It is all due to a power loss issue. However, if there is no power failure-related issue, then the issue might be more severe and you may need professional help. 

Shutter Moves at the Wrong Speed:

If your shutter takes too long or too short to match the usual shutter’s moving speed, then your shutter’s specific springs or cables may get damaged. This is a big concern as it can further lead to a dangerous situation as your shutter is not under your complete control. Thus, you need to fix this issue as quickly as you notice it.

Misaligned or broken slats:

The slats of a shutter are responsible for a smooth rolling up and down mechanism. They are interlocked together to boost the security and protection of your space. However, if these slats get misaligned (somehow) or broken, they can stop your entire shutter from rolling up or down by being stuck or jammed. 

Dents or Any Other Damage:

If there is any visible dent or damage to your shutter, it could interfere with its functioning. The best solution to dealing with such dents or damage is to contact professionals for their roller shutter repair services to inspect and fix your shutter quickly. 

To avoid these common roller shutter problems, we have compiled a list of some helpful steps to fix a roller shutter. Let’s have a look at these steps:

What are the steps to fix a roller shutter?

If your roller shutter has been stuck or jammed, here are the steps you can follow:

1. Examine the obstructions, rails, or tracks for stuck debris or dirt. 

2. Apply lubricant to the moving parts of your shutter to make it work smoothly. 

3. Ensure your shutter’s track, components, or rails are aligned properly. 

4. Make sure to use suitable tools to realign misaligned tracks or you can get help from professionals who specifically deal with roller shutter repair in Melbourne. 

5. Once you have repaired your roller shutter, test it to confirm it is moving properly. 

In case your shutter’s spring gets damaged, you can follow the below steps:

1. Adjust roller door tension by safely releasing the tension from your damaged or worn-out spring. 

2. Examine broken springs and try to remove the damaged or broken springs. 

3. After removing the broken spring, replace it with a suitable one based on your roller shutter’s specifications, or install a new one in tune with the safety protocols.  

4. Slowly adjust the tension to maintain a correct balance, and then test its functionality to confirm your roller shutter is now operating smoothly. 

On the other hand, if it is a case where your roller shutter tracks are misaligned, you need to follow the following steps:

1. Tighten the loose brackets to ensure the stability of your shutter. 

2. Straighten the bent or misaligned tracks.

3. Clean the debris, obstructions, or any dirt inside the track of the shutter to encourage smooth movement. Plus, make sure the roller shutter strap is working and in good condition. 

4. After repairing your roller shutter, test its alignment and functionality. 

How much does it cost to repair a roller shutter?

A roller shutter service cost to repair a roller shutter differs based on various factors like accessibility, essential parts’ requirements, etc. However, if you need a repair on the second story of your space, then extra charges may apply because it requires more physical effort and time. Moreover, if it is a manual shutter repair, it usually lies in the range of $200 to $400 in Melbourne. However, the final cost may vary based on your particular requirements and circumstances. 

How often should roller shutters be serviced?

If you leave these aforementioned common roller shutter problems unnoticed, these problems will further lead to serious damage to your shutter, resulting in more repair costs, time, and physical effort. 

We at SM Roller Shutters highly recommend getting your roller shutter professionally serviced at regular intervals, such as once every 6 months in a year or at least once a year.

A well-maintained or timely-cared-for roller shutter can be a real aid to your property for years to come. Therefore, if you are facing any issues with your shutters, don’t hesitate to call us at 1300 881 312 and avail of our affordable roller shutter repair services in Melbourne. We are always here to assist you and guide you. 

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