Shutters vs. Blinds: How to Make the Best Choice for Your Home?

Are you considering new building plans or just want to replace your windows or doors, but you are unsure whether to opt for traditional roller shutters or blinds? Let’s take a look at their comparison with us:

Shutters vs. blinds:

Shutters and blinds mainly differ in terms of their basic structure. Shutters are tough, robust, and permanently fixed to the sides of windows or doors along with metal fittings. On the other side, blinds are only attached to the tops of windows. This makes them more flexible as compared to shutters. Let’s dive more deeply into the differences between shutters and blinds

Understanding the Difference Between Shutters and Blinds:

There are several factors to consider while understanding the differences between shutters and blinds. Both shutters and blinds have their pros and cons. Most individuals argue that shutters are more appealing and durable than blinds. However, some prefer blinds as a more affordable and aesthetic addition to their properties because diverse options are available in blinds. Here we have compiled a list of such factors to help you:

Style Options:

Blinds usually come with numerous style options, including diverse color and pattern choices, such as wooden blinds, fabric-based blinds, and room-darkening blinds that perfectly fit your home’s windows. These style options further facilitate you in finding the best one for your room, matching your room’s carpet, furnishings, etc. 

On the other hand, sturdy shutters are traditionally made from aluminum material. They also come with several paint and stain color options. However, the style choices in shutters are limited compared to blinds, but they are versatile and you can select the best one based on the materials from which they are crafted to suit your home. 

Durability and Stability:

Another major factor to consider while understanding the difference between shutters and blinds is durability and stability. Blinds’ quality is inferior to that of shutters, as they may break or fall with time. But if you are looking for an affordable option, you can opt for the best-quality blinds.

Comparatively, shutters are usually long-lasting as they are built from hard-wearing materials. In addition, they are more stable and fitted to the inside or outside of window or door frames, which makes them more sturdy to damage when functioning. Moreover, you can opt for a more classic yet elegant type of shutter for your space that never gets out of the latest trends or fashion. 

Discoloration and Maintenance:

Blinds get discolored due to their brightly colored fabrics’ exposure to sunlight. And, it is a common complaint against blinds by most people that can’t be ignored while considering blinds for your space. However, if you consider premium-quality fabric-based blinds, you can avoid this issue to some extent. Some blinds’ fabric is difficult to clean even through washing machine cycles, so they are demanded to be scrubbed or washed off by hand. 

Comparatively, shutters can be easily maintained as they can be easily and quickly wiped out at any time. 

Energy Efficiency and Insulation Features:

When it comes to features like energy efficiency and insulation, shutters win over blinds. For example, consider plantation shutters vs. blinds. Here,  plantation shutters are more energy efficient compared to blinds. However, shutters are far better in terms of their insulation features than blinds due to their constructed structure. In winter, you can enjoy shutters’ reduced heat loss benefits, however, in summer, you can reduce unnecessary solar heat too. 

Comparatively, blind slats offer some space for heat to escape and enter your space. Thus, if you want a more energy-efficient option, it is wise to opt for shutters. Their energy efficiency makes them a more favorable and affordable option over time. 

Cost of Shutters vs. Blinds:

The cost of shutters vs. blinds is another deciding factor to understand before opting for one of them. As you know, blinds come in multiple material or fabric options that make them costly or affordable. However, shutters are well known for their higher durability and impressive style options, making them a more expensive investment than blinds. So, choose wisely as per your budget and needs. Moreover, if you opt for shutters, you must consider their costs as a valuable investment in your space. 

Apart from understanding these factors about shutters vs. blinds, you should also be aware of the benefits of both to make a wise decision. Let’s have a look:

What are the benefits of shutters?

There are several reasons why people prefer to install shutters on their properties over blinds. Here we have compiled a list of the advantages of shutters compared to blinds. Let’s explore these benefits with us:

1. Shutters go beyond windows due to their standout features.

Yes, you read that right. Shutters are not just for windows; they are a timeless feature of your home, making your space more inviting. Whatever color or textured design of shutters you select, it improves your space’s aesthetic inside and out, making it a center of attraction among guests. 

2. Shutters need minimal upkeep.

Shutters are an easy-to-maintain and practical light control solution with minimal upkeep. They can be cleaned easily and quickly with just a wipe-out with a wet cloth. In addition to their durability, compared to the blinds’ fabric, they don’t absorb the unpleasant smell of smoke or pets. 

3. Shutters are more insulating than blinds.

Shutters win over blinds in terms of their temperature control advantage. Furthermore, you can completely open the slats to let the natural heat directly come to your space from the sun so that your area can retain more heat. 

4. Shutters are the better practical light and privacy control solutions.

Privacy inside your space, with limited exposure to the outside world, is a must nowadays. Similar to the temperature control benefit, shutters can be easily managed to control light inside your home. For example, if you roll them halfway, you can experience privacy and natural light within the comfort of your home. 

5. Shutters are a great add-on to your home’s value.

Due to the shutter’s aesthetic and durable features, they work as a great add-on to the value of your residential property. Apart from their aesthetic appeal, the shutters help you save a big chunk of your hard-earned money by reducing the need for artificial heating and cooling systems in your home. As a result, your energy bills will be lowered. Moreover, a high-quality and long-lasting roller shutter requires minimal maintenance over time; thus, it serves as a good return on investment for homeowners and adds value to your residential property. 

However, blinds also come with numerous benefits. Read on to learn about these benefits:

What are the benefits of blinds?

If you want to opt for a blind for your space, you should look at the most common advantages of blinds over shutters. Read on to learn these benefits of blinds:

1. Lightweight and Easy to Change:

Blinds are usually lighter in weight compared to shutters. This feature makes them a versatile option that can be easily changed or swapped with a new one if they get discolored or fade over time. 

2. A diverse range of colors and pattern options:

Blinds come in diverse colors and patterns based on their fabrics. Therefore, it offers you the flexibility to opt for a blind that enhances the look of your home. For example, if you need a bold, eye-catching color or something more unique, there are numerous options for blinds. 

3. More cost-effective than shutters:

Most people prefer blinds over shutters because of their cost-effectiveness. However, shutters are also a valuable investment. But blinds vary in cost (usually less expensive than shutters) as per their fabrics or materials and you can opt for a blind in tune with your budget. 

Shutters vs. Blinds Pros and Cons:

Both blinds and shutters have pros and cons, so you should first look at those pros and cons and then make the best choice for your home as per your needs. Firstly, you should have a look at:

Pros and Cons of Shutters:


1. Shutters installed at your home are an attractive feature of your home.

2. They are easy to maintain and clean with a simple wipe-out via a wet cloth.

3. You can use them to control natural light and temperature inside your space. 

4. They add value to your home. Plus, they are suitable for diverse window shapes and sizes. 

5. Shutters are durable and stable. 


1. Shutters don’t completely achieve the blocking of light.

2. They are heavy so they can’t be easily replaced or changed. 

3. However, if you want to install window or door shutters throughout your home, it will be a more expensive option.

4. They are heavy and large; it is difficult to fit them yourself. 

5. They require more physical effort and can’t be lifted fully. 

6. It may not be an all-time perfect fit for all kinds of windows because of space requirements. 

Pros and cons of blinds:

Blinds also come with some benefits and drawbacks. These include:


1. Blinds have a lower initial cost than shutters and are easy to install and replace when needed.

2. They come in numerous styles and material options to select from. 

3. They can be fully lifted to enjoy the benefit of heat inside your home. 


1. Blinds have shorter life spans than shutters and last 4-5 years. 

2. Because they have space in their design structure, they are exposed to more dust and require timely cleaning. However, it can be a pain to clean up the gathered dust in blinds. 

3. Only completely dark or black-colored blinds can block the light completely; not all other colors of blinds can do so.

4. As they are very light in weight, they can be blown out in a storm or strong winds. 

5. Blinds are easier for kids or pets to damage than shutters. 

6. Fabric-based blinds can get discolored or faded in the brightest sunlight. 

If you are still unsure or struggling (while choosing shutters or blinds), we have compiled a list of some FAQs. You can use these FAQs to address common questions and concerns about shutters and blinds asked by most people and help you in your decision-making process. Let’s dive into such concerns or queries and their answers:

Are shutters more expensive than blinds?

Yes, shutters are costlier than blinds, but they offer numerous benefits (as shared earlier in this blog, such as durability, easy-to-clean features, superior light control, and privacy ) that turn them into a valuable or worthwhile investment for your home. 

Are shutters better than blinds?

Both shutters and blinds have their benefits and drawbacks. However, shutters are better in some ways than blinds, so opt for one that aligns best with your priorities, like security, durability, look, and budget. 

Do you need blinds if you have shutters?

You need blinds in addition to shutters, depending on your personal choices and needs. For example, if you need more flexibility in controlling the light level or are looking for extra privacy options or a more versatile option, you must consider blinds over shutters. However, if you prefer a layered look and combine shutters and blinds for an enhanced look or an extra texture, you should consider both shutters and blinds.

Are shutters warmer than blinds?

Yes, shutters are more energy efficient as compared to blinds. They usually help reduce heat loss during cold months and facilitate less heat gain during warm months.  

Need help choosing between blinds & shutters? Your choice of blinds or shutters is about your taste and specific requirements. Shutters provide an elegant look, durability, better privacy, and light control facilities; however, blinds offer diverse styles, materials, and price options. They both come with better flexibility and lots of customization options. Choose wisely as per your budget, aesthetic, and maintenance-related preferences. Moreover, if you need more guidance on shutters vs. blinds in Australia, then contact SM Roller Shutters today!

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