Trading Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions
These Terms and Conditions ("Terms") govern the contractual relationship between customers ("you”, or “the customer") and  SM SMART TRADING PTY LTD ABN 15 675 563 809 ("we," "us," "SM ROLLER SHUTTERS," or "our"), concerning the ordering, purchase, fulfillment, and delivery of goods ("Goods").
Consent to Terms
By placing an order or making a deposit with us, you expressly consent to these Terms. Your consent signifies your acceptance of the rights, obligations, and responsibilities outlined herein.
Acceptance of Orders
When placing your order, a minimum deposit of 30% of the invoiced price is necessary, consisting of a 10% non-refundable security deposit and a partial payment. Upon receiving this initial payment, we commence order processing, deposit amount may vary at our discretion.
Quote Validity
The quotations we provide remain valid for 14 days from the date of issuance. After this period, the quote expire becomes ineffective.
Ownership of Goods
Ownership of the specified goods and materials in this quote/invoice remains with us until full payment is received and all cheques clear. In the event of non-payment, we reserve the right to retrieve the Goods from the premises as outlined in the quote/invoice. While we exercise utmost care during removal, we cannot be held liable for any resulting damages.
Delivery dates quoted are subject to material availability, weather conditions, and site clearances. While we aim for accuracy, dates may change due to factors beyond our control. We are not liable for any penalties or damages from delivery delays. Estimated delivery time is 15 business days. On delivery the site obstructions must be removed for installation to take place, or the working area must be cleared by the technician’s recommendations and discretion. If not, any additional work such as removal of obstacles will be charged an additional $100 per hour or $50 per awning.
Cancellation of Orders
If a cancellation occurs before work commences, a 10% cancellation fee will be charged to cover administrative and preparatory costs. This fee will not be exempt from any reasons unless otherwise discretion by the business. If work has already commenced, customers will be liable for a minimum charge of at least 20% of the contract or invoice amount to compensate for any materials, labour, or resources already utilised.
Statutory Warranty
All terms are subject to the Australian Consumer Law, and your rights as a consumer under that law are not excluded here.
Warranty Exclusions
"Shutter profile slats" (SPS) and "electrical motors" (EM) are covered by various warranties. The "Slimline Roller Shutter" model for residential use offers a 10-year warranty for SPS and EM, while the "Polycarbonate Roller Shutter" and "Alfresco Roller Shutter" models provide a 3-year warranty for SPS and EM. Manual winders, stainless steel cables, bearings, brackets, axles, pelmets, and other roller shutter parts come with a 1-year warranty. Roof shutter applications or shutters installed at an angle less than 70 degrees pitch will also have a 1-year warranty. Additionally, all workmanship, electrical work, and electrical parts carry a 1-year warranty. Commercial goods and services, as well as repair jobs conducted by us, are covered by a 1-year warranty. All other goods and services provided by us also come with a 1-year warranty. Warranty periods are as stated unless otherwise specified in writing by us. For more detailed warranty coverage information, please visit our website.
Warranty Claim
Warranty claims must be submitted in writing within the specified warranty period and in accordance with the terms outlined in the terms and conditions. To initiate a warranty claim, email us with details of the issue. Upon receipt, we'll schedule a technician visit. Defective components covered by the warranty will be replaced at no cost, unless the labour warranty has expired, in which case a $150 minimum charge applies. If the issue is non-defective or due to misuse, a $150 technician fee plus material costs will be incurred. Declining the repair incurs a $100 call-out fee. We'll aim to promptly schedule repairs for items installed by us, with any urgent repairs incurring additional charges, which we'll discuss beforehand.
Installation Damages
If damage occur during installation, attributed to our technicians, we will try to restore the property to its previous condition. We are not responsible for painting walls, floors, eaves, windows, fascias, gutters, or roofs. By agreeing to this, you acknowledge that our liability will be limited to the lesser of the cost of the specific shutter being installed.
General Provisions
These Terms are subject to change without prior notice, with any updates or revisions becoming effective immediately upon publication on our website. We retain the right to refuse or cancel any orders at our discretion (safety reasons, accessibility issues, or otherwise) and we shall not be liable or responsible for incidental or consequential damages, or for any other direct or indirect damage, loss, cost, expense, or fee.