Electric Roller Shutters Melbourne

SM Electric Roller Shutters- Great Energy Saving

Electric Roller shutters Melbourne are the most modern, effortless, and high-tech solutions that expertly effectively combine energy saving and safety. At SM Roller Shutters, we have a wide range of roller shutters to meet all homes’ unique needs. Made from high-quality Australia-made materials, our electric roller shutters work as an insulating shield against the outside atmosphere, effectively controlling internal temperature during the complete year and promoting energy efficiency. By preventing heat from entering your space during hot weather, keeping it cooler, and reducing the demand for air conditioning, our advanced roller shutters help you save on your energy consumption and electric bills. Similarly, our shutters also add an extra layer of insulation in winter by limiting heat loss and lowering the demands of heating systems. Say goodbye to high energy costs, cut your expensive electricity bills, and embrace massive energy savings with SM Roller Shutters’ electric shutters.

Electric roller shutters have more features compared to manual shutters that make them worth the investment such as automatically or electrically operated without any manual work, easy to open and close, quickly opened with a press of a button only, and much more. All our electric shutters come with a warranty and are accessible anywhere in Melbourne. If you are looking to get an electric roller shutter for your home or business, especially for massive energy savings, you can contact us today at 1300 881 312 or send us an email with details and we will get back to you within a few hours.


Experience enhanced home security and comfort with our Roller Shutters for Windows. Install now with our convenient payment plan—pay over up to 36 months interest-free. Enjoy benefits like increased security, energy savings, noise reduction, and precise light control. Check eligibility in 5 minutes for an immediate response. Elevate your lifestyle today with Roller Shutters for Windows.


Experience the perfect mixture of security and style with our versatile electric roller shutters. At SM Rollers Shutters, we have a range of electric roller shutters in Melbourne Australia to suit your unique needs, covering everything from standard to specialized roller shutters. To go one step ahead, you can consider our specialized roller shutters. All our specialized electric shutters are equipped with many flexible operations, and versatile features like compatibility with automation systems, allowing for flexible control through your fingertips using a switch, remote, or even smartphone control.

With options to control automatically, electric automatic shutters can be programmed to get closed or opened automatically at certain periods of the day or night in summer or winter, even when you or anybody is not physically present there. They can be easily controlled to regulate the amount of light entering your space and acquire the finest shading for you and your family. They can also be managed or scheduled to get open or close via a remote control or smart devices (like smartphone control, a smart voice control, etc) as per your needs. In the case of bad weather or any other unanticipated event when you are away from your property, you can also change the settings of the automatic shutters. They give you the flexibility to control them remotely and reduce or optimize the usage of AC or heaters. Choose from our extensive list of electric roller shutters, integrate them into your space, and enjoy the versatility & numerous flexible operations of our electric shutters.


Can electric roller shutters be integrated with home automation systems?

Yes, many electric roller shutters are compatible with home automation systems, allowing for convenient control and scheduling through smart devices.

Do electric roller shutters require professional installation?

Yes, it’s recommended to have electric roller shutters installed by trained professionals to ensure proper fitting, wiring, and functionality.

Do electric roller shutters work effectively in both hot and cold climates?

Yes, electric roller shutters provide insulation year-round, helping to keep interiors cool in summer by blocking out heat and retaining warmth in winter by preventing heat loss.