Roller Shutter Repairs Melbourne- Replacement and Installation

Best Roller Shutter Repair Services in Melbourne Australia

With our wide range of professional roller shutter repair services in Melbourne, you can prolong the lifespan of your roller shutters and ensure they get smoothly rolled on for years to come. Be it a manual roller shutter or an electric roller shutter, we at SM Roller Shutters have a dedicated team of experts who hold years of experience in addressing and dealing with every sort of issue that may arise with your roller shutter, ensuring smooth functionality and longevity. So, whether you are struggling with a broken roller shutter, damaged spring fasteners, broken slats, broken short and long in-wall manual winders for your manual roller shutter, frayed stainless steel cables, damaged (worn or faulty) tape and strap roller shutters, comprehensive maintenance checks, parts replacements, mechanical issues or manual to electric conversion needs, our highly skilled technicians are ready to deliver required repair services as per your needs and can restore your roller shutter to perform at their best. All our versatile repair services, on-spot & quick solutions, expert technicians’ team, immediate response to emergency requests, and swift quotes as per repair service, sets our repair services apart from competitors. Don’t let shutter issues slow down your business or make your home unsafe, contact us now.



Are you looking for a roller shutter repair company in Melbourne Australia that not only performs broken roller shutter repairs but also understands a roller shutter’s importance for its premises? Look no further than SM Roller Shutters for affordable, quick, and unbeatable broken roller shutter repair services. Accredited in all aspects of broken, damaged, or crashed roller shutter maintenance and repair, we deliver our services with complete professionalism and in tune with health and safety regulations. We believe in identifying the issue before it becomes too complex or advanced, ensuring you help you evade costly replacements. For example, if your roller shutter’s slats get broken due to operational negligence because you left your window or door open while your roller shutter was closed, this can further result in the damage of your spring fasteners and slats that necessitates costly replacement. If you are struggling with such situations, get in touch with us right away.


Your search for a trusted, highly skilled, and professional roller shutter repair service provider in Melbourne ends here with SM Roller Shutters. With over years of experience, our technicians’ team specializes in dealing with all kinds of broken manual roller repair and emergency services in Melbourne. Whether you are dealing with a broken manual roller shutter at your domestic property, we take pride in our dedication to giving you 100% satisfaction and great peace of mind by delivering the required repair services in line with your needs. We deal with a variety of repair services, covering everything from the replacement of broken short or long in-wall manual winders, fixation of frayed stainless-steel cables or wires, broken manual winder mechanisms, worn-out cables, and much more. So, buckle up and restore your old broken manual shutters to full functionality with us, without compromising the security and functional excellence of your roller shutter.


Whether you are looking to replace your roller shutter’s tape or strap, or want to replace your old winder box or strap, or need to re-strap your roller shutter in Melbourne, we at SM Roller Shutters offer all kinds of repair services in Melbourne Australia for tape or strap roller shutters. We can help you remove your existing strap if it has been damaged, frayed, or snapped. Moreover, if you are struggling with a worn, damaged, or malfunctioning roller shutter due to an issue in your tape or strap mechanism, our team of dedicated professionals is here to help you. Apart from providing only repair services, we also carry a wide range of superior quality replacement parts to accommodate different types and sizes of roller shutters, guaranteeing an all-in-one repair process. Our team of specialists is readily available to listen to your tape or strap-related problems, share their guidance, and support, and offer tailored repair services.


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why homeowners prefer our roller shutter repairs services

"We wanted to convert our manual roller shutters to electric"
Reasonable price and did a good job for converting my manual shutter to motor shutter.

David and Sky were very responsive to my questions and provided me with clear explanation.

Highly recommend these guys.
"My roller shutters were stuck and it didn't operate"
The team from SM shutters were brilliant, the always kept me informed arrived on time did a great job, it looks wonderful operates perfectly and at a very reasonable price.

I would recommend David and his team for your next job they were great!
"Our Roller Shutters was broken and it didn't come down, leaving my windows vulnerable"
David and staff came around on a Sunday and repaired my broken Roller Shutter that wasn't coming down.

The Shutter was tricky to repair, and had to get on the roof, and remove tiles to repair the problem.

Excellent job, and very fair price repair.

Definitely recommend them if you are looking for a repair.


Do you charge a call out fee to assess the job?

At SM Roller Shutters, we do charge a call-out fee ranging from $100.00 to $200.00, depending on the accessibility of the location where the roller shutter is installed. However, if you decide to proceed with the repair following the assessment, we waive the call-out fee.

How do you fix a stuck roller shutter?

Fixing a stuck roller shutter requires careful attention to prevent further damage to the manual operating mechanism or electrical motor. It’s advisable to refrain from attempting repairs yourself and instead seek assistance from a professional. A qualified technician can assess the issue and conduct the necessary repairs safely and effectively. This approach helps ensure the problem is addressed correctly, minimising the risk of additional damage and ensuring the continued functionality of the roller shutter.

How much does it cost to repair a manual roller shutter?

Roller shutter repair costs can vary based on factors like accessibility and the required parts. Additional charges may apply for second-story repairs, which demand more time and manpower. Typically, manual repairs range from $200 to $400, but the final cost depends on specific needs and circumstances.

How to convert a manual roller shutter to electric ?

Converting a manual roller shutter to electric involves installing a motor onto the shutter’s axle or housing, along with wiring for power and control. This process typically requires adjustments to the existing structure and alignment. Professional installation is recommended to ensure safety and proper operation.

How much does it cost to convert a manual roller shutter to electric?

The cost of converting a manual roller shutter to electric varies depending on factors such as the brand and quality of the electrical motor, as well as the type of operation desired. At SM Roller Shutters, we offer a range of electrical motors from affordable Chinese manufacturers to high-quality European-made options. Additionally, the cost is influenced by the type of controls preferred, including standard electrical switches, remote controls, or mobile controls.